Soyal AR-721HV3

  • Soyal 721_Access_Control_Card_Reader_L1
  • Soyal 721_Access_Control_Card_Reader_L2
  • Soyal 721_Access_Control_Card_Reader_C
  • Soyal 721_Access_Control_Card_Reader_R2
  • Soyal 721_Access_Control_Card_Reader_R1


  • RFID Card & PIN Access Control
  • 1,024 users
  • 1,200 transactions
  • Alarm Output
  • Anti-passback


11 sets of time zone,different time zone for each user Up to 120 holidays that can be set in a year starting from the editing date TTL serial supported for connecting external printer,LED,etc. Built-in anti-tamper function Built-in watchdog to prevent the system from halting
An extra WG port which allows connecting to another WG reader (for exit or anti-pass-back) Event log preserved up to 10 years Easily integrated with SOYAL or other access control systems


  • Frequency:125kHz or 13.56MHz
  • Standard:13.56MHz:ISO14443A
  • Reading Range:125kHz:10-18cm
  • Power Supply:9-16VDC
  • Power Consumption:<3W
  • Communication:RS-485
  • Data Transfer Rate:9600bps(N,8,1)
  • Operature:-20°C TO +60°C
  • Digital Input:Egress(R.T.E.)/Door contact
  • Relay Output:Lock Relay
  • Lock Relay Time:Toggle,0.1-600Sec.
  • Alarm Time:Toggle,1-600Sec
  • Tamper Switch:Limit Switch(Form C)
  • User Capacity:M4/M8:1,024 M6:65,000
  • Event Log:1,200
  • External Reader:1WG Port
  • Anti-pass-back:Yes(Only M4/M8)
  • Lift Control:32 Floors,1,024Users
  • Serial Port:Yes
  • Real Time Clock:Yes
  • LCD Panal:No
  • Door Bell Button:No
  • Transistor Output:Arming LED/Alarm/Duress/Security trigger signal
  • Protection Standard:No
  • Indicator:1Bi-Color LED&1Beeper
  • Keypad Material:Rubber
  • Housing Material:ABS
  • Time Zone:11/63(Connect to Multi-Door Networking Controller)
  • Operation Mode:Stand-Alone/Networking
  • Color:Gray/Silver
  • Dimensions(mm):11(L)X77(W)X26(H)
  • Weight(g):100±10

Technical Specifications

  • RS-485 communication interface
  • Supporting WG port for anti-pass-back function
  • TTL serial output for various application and lift control
  • Selectable working frequencies:125kHz/13.56MHz
  • 3 control modes:M4/M6/M8
  • User capacity:1,024:Event log:1,200
  • 3 access modes:Card only:Card or PIN,Card and PIN
  • Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from hanging
  • Built-in Real Time Clock&Anti-Tamper functions
  • Including the input of door contact.offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and being forced to open
  • Built-in Multi-Output: Door Lock/Alarm/Arming/Duress/Security trigger signal
  • 11 sets of Time Zone for various accessing in network
  • 2 sets of Auto-Open Zone editable by stand-alone operation
  • Intelligent to shift for stand-alone or networking mode while system disconnected
  • Auto-lock of the keypad for 30 seconds after continuous failed operation by 3 times
  • Coordinating with softwares for further application on access control,time attendance,payroll,and door/sensor image-monitor function
  • Flexible to integrate with other equipment
  • 1 bi-color LED and 1 beeper for identification

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