• Warp 3_Access_Control_Card_Reader_L1
  • Warp 3_Access_Control_Card_Reader_L2
  • Warp 3_Access_Control_Card_Reader_C
  • Warp 3_Access_Control_Card_Reader_R2
  • Warp 3_Access_Control_Card_Reader_R1


  • Card + PIN Access Control
  • Web based Management
  • 5,000 User/ 30,000 Event records
  • Anti passback
  • EM Card/Mifare


Warp3 is a RFID identification based controller for Proximity card. It is always used to manage entrance security, work place time attendance, overtime working verification and any other situation/event for the authorized personnel’s presence.
It can either work standalone without connecting to the PC or be integrated with the PC via built-in RS-232/485 or RJ-45 port.
When working standalone, Warp3 is only a general access control system to be connected with push button, RFID reader and electronic lock for access control on in/out. Besides, it is equipped with auxiliary contacts for security alarm …etc.


  • Standalone mode, or a Reader mode for Multidoor controller thru TCP/IP working under BF-660/BF-670/BF-880/BF-870.
  • Lower power consumption, optional voice indication, OSD menu (On Screen Displayer), and simple enrollment process.
  • Door Bell support.
  • Wiegand Output and Fire Alarm Input support.
  • USB interface option for log extractions.(Optional)
  • Build-In http server allows on-line system management thru web browser.
  • Real-Time and On-Line door status monitoring thru web browser.
  • Double badge and dual-doors interlocking are available.
  • Anti pass back (no tolerance / period timer) can support umlimited levels without online software support when offline.
  • Real-Time and On-Line door status monitoring thru web browser.
  • Available for 50 Holidays, 40 Sets of Function Keys , 32 Departments, 32 Designations, 64 Time Settings,64 Time Zones, 32 Groups and Internet Time Server.

Technical Specifications

  • Verification option: Card, Card+Pin, Pin
  • Registration Time: Less Than 2.0 sec.
  • Capacity: 5,000 card users, Log data: 32,768 entries
  • 2,000 entries System Log to keep track of system modification history
  • Relay output x 1
  • Communication interface:
  • RS-485×1 External Reader & Relay Box (BF-20)
  • TCP/IP (Reserved for internetworking)
  • Communication speed: Ethernet 10/100M, Auto crossing.
  • Card format: 125 KHz (EM/TM); 13.56 MHz (Mifare)
  • Reading range: 10 ~ 15cm (EM/TM), 5 ~ 7cm (Mifare)
  • Keypad: 10 numeric keys (0~9) + 6 function keys (F1~F4,#,*) & 1 Door Bell
  • Display: 128 × 64 Pixels LCD, 3 LED
  • Operation Temperature: 0˚C~ 65˚C
  • Operation Humidity: 5 ~ 95%RH
  • Power: DC 9~24V, 1A
  • Weight: 350g.
  • Dimension: 145 × 125 × 33 mm